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The jewel in Waltham Forest’s crown is the Town Hall in Fellowship Square. It is a film-friendly and accessible site, with huge filming potential both inside and out. Elsewhere in the borough, you’ll find parks and green spaces with ponds, playgrounds and playing fields, rural High Streets and suburban cul-de-sacs. Waltham Forest is where you can find a small town or village feel, as well as inner city vibes without travelling outside of the M25.

As Waltham Forest Film Office, we provide a one-stop service for managing filming and photography on behalf of the council.  All professional filming and photography on council land or public roads is licenced by us and our work is guided by the principles of the London Filming Partnership.

We collect location fees for the council. We work closely with council departments such as Highways, Parking, Regeneration, Leisure, the Metropolitan Police Film Unit and resident, community and trader associations to ensure all filming is managed legally, safely and smoothly.

One of our principal aims at the Waltham Forest Film Office is to make sure filmmakers respect the people who live and work in the community and we will negotiate to ensure that the community benefits fully from the advantages of filming in their borough.

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Waltham Forest Film Locations

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Fellowship Square

Orford Road

Walthamstow Empty Lot

Walthamstow Industrial Estate

Aveling Fields

Winns Terrace

One Hoe Street

William Morris Gallery

Waltham Forest Town Hall

Contact Information

020 7620 0391

24hr emergency phone: 07919 002 115
Please only use this emergency contact number if you have concerns about filming taking place at the moment. If you need to apply for a film licence please go to FilmApp.